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Correct maintenance and storage of the brown film faced plywood for formwork

The template has a wide range of brown film faced plywood for formwork and is widely used in the construction industry. For architectural laminates, moderate maintenance and proper storage will not only extend the service life of the brown laminate for the template, but also industrial production. And many unnecessary troubles in construction work.

First of all, it is worth noting in some places. The template is cut with a brown laminating board. After punching, the incision must be closed with a special edge-sealing paint to prevent the template from being deformed by water absorption. In addition, the template must be nailed or punched in the board. Under the wooden surface, beware of scars on the back of the board due to the hanging space. When using, be careful to prevent metal corner scratches, bumps, falls, etc., be sure to ensure that its collection shape and surface integrity.

In the maintenance of the storage, the template should be completely removed after the mold is removed by the brown laminating board, which is convenient for the use of the solution; if the template needs long-term storage, it should be applied with oil on the surface, neatly stacked and covered with tarpaulin; in transportation and storage. In the process, avoid deformation and aging of the formwork caused by the sun; on the construction site, the formwork should be stored in a flat, dry place, and must be placed in a place where temperature and humidity are placed.

Correct maintenance and storage of the brown film faced plywood for formwork

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