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Bending plywood

Flexible to your needs

Although bending plywood is not a common practice that is used in many do-it-yourself type projects there are sometimes that a project calls for the need to bend plywood. Boat making is just one example of a project which may involve bending plywood. Whatever the need for bending plywood, the homeowner will need to determine a strategy for completing the task.

The methods of how to bend plywood may be vastly different but they do accomplish the same task. Whether you need to bend the plywood to a precise angle or you are simply bending the plywood to create an effect will be an important factor to consider in determining the method you will use.

There are some types of plywood which are flexible enough to be bent into a desired shape without additional treatments. 

Our bendy plywood is available in 2440 x 1220mm or 1220 x 2440mm in 3.6~7mm only. Depending on your requirements, select the flexibility in the 1220mm (short grain) or the 2440mm (long grain) direction. Bendy plywood utilises an "A" bond phenolic glue system, providing a durable bond in the tightest radius.


Size1220X2440 or  1250X2500
Thicknesses3.6, 4, 5, 7mm