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Use and handling of marine plywood for boat and yacht building

Marine plywood for boat and yacht building is widely used in shipbuilding, yacht decoration and car body manufacturing; it can also be used as indoor and outdoor wooden structure, wooden structure house, villa wall and floor, outdoor garden furniture; outdoor outdoor stage, Large-scale exhibition decoration engineering, various types of construction and decoration engineering; high-grade furniture production, wood floor substrate, wood floor mat and other manufacturing materials, environmental protection performance has reached the E1 national environmental protection standards.

When the marine board is unloaded for shipbuilding and yacht construction, four pieces of 100mm rafts are used at the bottom of the board. The board should not be placed directly on the ground. The height of the board should not exceed two meters. The board should be stored away from direct sunlight, dry and ventilated environment.

When attaching various veneer materials to the surface of marine plates for ship and yacht construction, please clean the surface of the board with dust, dirt, oil stains, etc., then polish it with 360# woodworking sandpaper, and paste it with professional adhesive for facing materials. If the air humidity is greater than 80%, it is not suitable for the construction of the pasting facing material. When processing, it is recommended to take a few sheets of the test before batch processing.

Use and handling of marine plywood for boat and yacht building

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