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Marine plywood adhesive production process

In the production of Marine plywood glue, attention should be paid to control the amount of ingredients, should be in the glue in order to add materials, there should be enough stirring time, make all kinds of materials evenly mixed, so that multi-component materials in a short time without precipitation, precipitation. Gelatinization quality can be controlled by "post gelatinization viscosity". Below introduce a few commonly used Marine plywood rubber mixing process.

The formulation of foamed urea formaldehyde resin adhesive is 100 parts resin, 0.5 ~ 1 part blood powder, 0.2 ~ 1 part ammonium chloride, 2 ~ 4 parts water. Blood powder is a foaming agent that is soaked in water 4 times its quality for 1 hour before use. When mixing, add resin to foaming machine and stir. Foaming machine revolution is 250~300r/min, adhesive appearance is 0.3~0.4g/cm3 fixed slurry, activation time is not less than 3h.

The preparation formula of urea formaldehyde resin adhesive for prepressing is: 100 parts resin, 0.2~1 part ammonium chloride, 0~0.4 part ammonia, 3~6 parts flour, 6~9 parts peanut shell powder. To blend, add resin and flour to blender, stirring 10 to 15 minutes, until no dough is in the glue. Then add peanut shell powder and stir for 5 minutes. Finally add 20% ammonium chloride solution and 25% chlorine water. Stir for 5 minutes.

The preparation formula of phenolic resin adhesive (by quality) is: phenolic resin 100, chalk 7~12, wood powder 3, triformaldehyde 1~3, water 2.5~5.0. The agitator rotates at a speed of 140~150r/min. Each component is added successively when the glue is mixed. Stir for 5-10 minutes each time. Add in each group. Stir for 20 minutes.

Marine plywood

Using thermosetting phenolic resin film to manufacture aviation plywood to ensure product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to preprocess the phenolic resin adhesive mould. The impregnated adhesive film is usually made of alcohol-soluble or water-soluble phenolic resin, whose technical indexes are shown in 4-1.

If water-soluble phenolic resin is used, it needs to be diluted with water and essence to reduce the fragility and damage of the film. The formula is: water-soluble phenolic resin (45% solid content) 50kg, 15kg water, 15kg alcohol.

Horizontal or compound dipping machine can be used for dipping and drying rubber film paper. The dipping process conditions are shown in table 4-2. Keep the temperature, air volume and moving speed steady during drying. For plastic film paper should be buried film thickness, immersion, hair content and resin dissolution rate. The quality, soluble resin content and bonding strength of adhesive film used in aviation plywood should also be tested.

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