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Transportation and installation precautions for brown film faced plywood for concrete building

In the concrete building, the brown film faced plywood for concrete building is used to prevent the buoyancy of the running or the buoyancy of the concrete. It should be noted that all the hanging holes and the hole molds in the beam must be properly installed and reinforced. Again, in the bottom of the plate and beam, the garbage cleaning holes should be considered in order to flush the garbage before it is discharged. After the template is installed, the axis, elevation, size, bracket, fastener bolts, and tie bolts should be inspected by professionals. If problems are found, they need to be reported in time.

Concrete construction with brown laminated panels close to the wooden formwork of the building formwork should be placed longitudinally. The seams should be as small as possible and the board should be flat. The seams are flattened with putty, or sealed with dry tape to prevent slurry and slurry from contaminating the edges of the board. It is strictly forbidden to collide with hard objects, crowbars and steel bars on the board. Conditional transverse can be connected with steel shovel to form a combined large wall mold, which can be directly hoisted.

Brown laminated panels for concrete construction also have a lot of precautions when transporting and storing. Pay attention to the choice of transportation tools with better shielding function, or cover them with plastic cloth and mat to avoid the sun and rain during transportation. After unloading, you should use a non-metallic tool to clean it up and keep the corners neatly stacked on a flat surface. In addition, when placing the brown laminated board for concrete building, it should be noted that the board surface and the board surface cannot be directly in contact with each other, and it is not allowed to be directly placed on the ground, and the layers are separated by a wooden layer to keep the template ventilated.

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