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Why marine plywood becomes a furniture material

Today's marine plywood has become the backbone of home décor materials. In this ever changing era, everything is changing, because every type of board is needed in every field, no matter whether the quality of the furniture is guaranteed or the performance is excellent, marine plywood has Become a necessity for home decoration, marine plywood is a trend, this trend is everyone can use and has a good reputation, the choice of marine plywood reflects the taste of home decoration.

The advantages of marine plywood are difficult to reject. The weatherability of marine plywood products has been tested by the quality supervision of wood-based panels and wood bamboo products. When using marine plywood, there are higher requirements for other products, but when other decorative panels do not meet When it comes to the requirements, marine plywood will naturally be chosen. The timber industry recommends that careful selection of marine plywood is required. This is the most important change in the marine veneer industry from manufacturing to quality.

For a long time, the manufacturing industry has always paid more attention to quality. Therefore, in the manufacturers, the current situation of marine plywood manufacturing has been difficult to improve, because there are still many marine plywood manufacturing, which has been stuck in the level of high-volume production, as a traditional manufacturing industry. A large part of the marine veneer industry is often exposed to high quality components.

Why marine plywood becomes a furniture material Why marine plywood becomes a furniture material Why marine plywood becomes a furniture material

Today's marine plywood is made of imported marine rubber. In addition to super-adhesive force, it must withstand weather and corrosion, so there is no physical and chemical change, no degumming, eucalyptus whole board processing, no splicing, and board surface Sturdy, tough, and highly flat, these characteristics of the eucalyptus fully integrate the plywood panel with the marine tar rubber for zero penetration and zero liquid distance, so it can be reprocessed into marine, moisture-proof household products or used as Outdoor open-air buildings and marine materials are used.

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