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Why marine plywood is widely used in the furniture industry

Since the superior performance of marine plywood is well known and the sales volume is increasing year by year, the purchase of marine plywood marine plywood should focus on quality, because furniture is a long-lived household product, when it is purchased, it will pay attention to its quality and practicality, including quality requirements, product Practical experience is also considered to be within the scope of consideration, and will be very concerned about post-product sales, warranty years and post-maintenance. Today's marine plywood is a very environmentally friendly product, and furniture made of marine plywood is often closely related to daily life.

Therefore, everyone should pay attention to whether the marine plywood is green and healthy. The wooden plywood is produced in strict accordance with the international marine plywood standard. The marine plywood adopts imported environmental protection glue and imported marine agent to meet the environmental protection standard. The formaldehyde is close to zero release, and the environmental protection board that is harmless to the human body is realized. .

Many users will think that such a good glued sheet is absolutely not cheap. In fact, this is a big mistake. Professional home plywood manufacturers have developed many new products, including marine plywood, custom furniture and other products. Sold at the manufacturer's price, timber plywood is now active in the public eye, and with its unique advantages, it has a place in the marine plywood market.

Why marine plywood is widely used in the furniture industry

As we all know, marine furniture is classic and noble. Steel office furniture is not like insects, and its service life is long. Then, the eucalyptus marine plywood stands out. In the production process of marine plywood, the utilization rate of wood is very high, so for consumers, It also reduces the waste of wood and actually limits the limited natural resources. The combination of wood furniture panel components is usually connected by various metal fittings. It is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. The mahogany marine plywood with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed multiple times. transport.

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