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Using marine plywood, the 35㎡ can also be made into two rooms and a living room!

The project is located in the coastal town of Liguria, Italy. 

There are only 35 apartments in a one-bedroom apartment. 

The designer uses the height of the floor, 

Split one side of the apartment into two bedrooms, 

Meet the concept of "small space, large capacity". 

The wall is made of marine plywood

Very durable, 

As blue and white as the sky and the sea, 

The two colors are separated by a wall line. 

Both bedrooms are covered by a row of walls,

Only exposed living rooms and open kitchens. 

Each cabinet door is the entrance to an area, 

Open the cupboard door, 

You can see the upper and lower floors leading to the bedroom, 

Very clever design, 

Let the original ordinary small house unique.

The storage walls are decorated with display cabinets. 

A specially designed wooden staircase 

More convenient access to the upper bedroom. 

The headlights in the corner of the living room shine upward, 

Soften the light in space. 

The lines on the wall are smooth, 

The natural affinity of radians, 

Small objects are placed in art and fashion. 

The open kitchen uses a minimalist style, 

Soft sounds make the space more complete.

Like a storage cabinet, it is full of natural freshness.

The bedroom utilization rate is slightly lower than the living room.

A room hidden in the back of the storage room,

Clever design,

Close the door when not in use, 

It can be combined with walls.

A circle of marine plywood in the lower bedroom,

Expand the depth of the room, 

The laminated open material is used as a closet, 

The privacy of the inner room is very good. 

Can be completely isolated from the outside world. 

There is a floor next to the bed in the bedroom. 

For ornaments and favorite books, 

Wall lights on the wall, more dreamy, 

Open small windows to ensure indoor lighting, 

Let the problems of congestion, oppression and lack of light be solved perfectly.

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