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Template and blinds with black plywood

Our black film is plywood for stencils and blinds. Our unique advantage: Under the same conditions, our phenolic film plywood can work twice as much as other plywood, which means they have excellent durability. However, the price is below average.

Resin-bonded plywood sheets are attached to the wood frame to form panels of the desired size. The cost of plywood formwork is advantageous compared to the cost of wooden blinds, and in some cases may even be cheaper considering the following considerations:

1. It is possible to have a smooth finish, in which case there is a surface finish in cost.

2. By using large-sized panels, labor costs for fixing and dismounting can be saved.

3. The number of reuses is greater than that of wooden shutters. For estimation purposes, the number of reuses can be taken as 20 to 25.

Black film plywood is combined with glue. Both sides are coated with phenolic foil and the edges are coated with a protective waterproof coating. Film shutter plywood is mainly used in construction projects.

Template and blinds with black plywood Template and blinds with black plywood Black plywood for formwork and shutters