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What are the characteristics of marine plywood?

The current marine plywood is a commonly used material for high-end furniture. It is a wood-based panel that can improve the utilization of wood. It is the main way to save wood. Marine plywood can be used in yachts, shipbuilding, body manufacturing, high-end furniture cabinets, wardrobes. The bathroom cabinet and marine plywood are made of imported beech and eucalyptus cores with high strength and high stability. The structure is stable based on physical properties, good marine plywood, and the core layer is made of whole core and full spelling. Once formed, it is made of imported Thai rubber and has excellent weather resistance.

Eucalyptus is the core material of raw materials. The dough is B-class marine dough. The production process is vacuumed, carried out, and dried according to international standards. We can provide various thicknesses according to customer's requirements. There are various thicknesses, lengths and widths. The actual needs of the user are customized, and the marine plywood is often in contact with the home decoration, so the marine plywood we first thought of is marine and moisture-proof. If you want to customize the marine plywood, you can customize the marine plywood according to your ideas and customers.

Marine Pplywood Manufacturers

There may be a lot of furniture on the market that doesn't meet the customer's requirements, but the customization can be customized according to your needs, so that the more satisfactory marine plywood furniture can be well integrated into your own decoration style, and the whole environment will become very tasteful. This is also the way many people can try. There are a lot of marine plywood on the market. You can also find relevant information on the website. After doing some understanding, there will be more ways to implement it and customize it. There are great advantages.

After selecting marine plywood, there are many factors to consider when starting home renovation, such as quality, price, design service, etc., choose a manufacturer with brand guarantee, make it safer to design, more convenient to use, and meet all your requirements.

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