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What are the characteristics of marine plywood in furniture manufacturing?

In the current home decoration, a variety of plates are used. Marine plywood is the consumer's choice. Of course, for many areas that want to be decorated, it is necessary to understand the basic information of marine plywood. At present, health and environmental protection is a good for marine plywood. The advantage, because marine plywood in the processing project, due to the integrity of the wood, it can avoid the use of more liquid glue in the process, as well as the common decoration pollution source of formaldehyde in the liquid lurking in the case of glue, marine plywood more Environmentally friendly and healthy.

Marine plywood has good anti-corrosion performance. Because the surface of marine plywood is made of high-quality eucalyptus, it is dried, hot pressed and healthy. After several processes, there should be no defects such as rot, wormhole, crack and clip on the surface, but for small slip, color difference Not too harsh, because this is the natural property of wood, the water content of marine plywood does not exceed the specified requirements, the price of marine plywood is slightly more expensive than the average plywood, because it has many advantages and performance, has been widely used.

What are the characteristics of marine plywood in furniture manufacturing

Other ordinary plywood does not have these advantages. The price of general marine plywood is slightly higher. This is also the price trend of most marine plywood. The price is slightly expensive. The environmentally friendly marine plywood, the wood is better, the board is thicker, and the quality of the furniture is closely related to the plate. Today, marine plywood is becoming more and more popular among furniture manufacturers, and owners living on lower floors are threatened by moisture. Due to the low visibility of sunlight, wet and dark environments can be used for marine use.

Today's plywood is also known as marine plywood, defined as meeting international plywood standards, generally used in yachts, cars, ships, outdoor wood construction, panel furniture with its stylish and personalized appearance affecting the furniture market, and in furniture decoration The market is slowly playing an important role, and many consumers find it fashionable and novel.

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