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Marine plywood uses and advantages

After years of development, the brand competition in the furniture industry has become increasingly fierce and has become more and more fierce. In the entire furniture market, various products are rampant, product quality has become commonplace, and the concept of innovation has always been commonplace, but only a few manufacturers have actually implemented it. The innovation strategy, the emergence of marine plywood is now an innovation in the panel furniture industry.

Although not every company or individual can enter the furniture board industry, everyone uses furniture boards, which cover all aspects of life. Therefore, understanding this knowledge is not a kind of injury. Among many professional manufacturers, It can effectively provide information and products related to furniture board marine plywood.

The current marine plywood, also known as marine board, is widely used in shipbuilding, yacht decoration, indoor and outdoor garden furniture, villa wall and floor production, can withstand seasonal changes, can withstand high temperatures, and is resistant to cooking, the entire production process It is vacuum pressure drying and manufacturing. Marine plywood can be customized for structure and layer production. This marine plywood mainly uses imported beech logs as raw materials, which have become the price factors to be considered for marine plywood.

Marine plywood has excellent weather resistance and is weather-proof. Many plywoods cannot do this. In addition, it is very resistant to cooking and does not say that it will separate when cooking. This will not happen even if it is cooked for a day. It will also be intact and there is no opening. In addition, everyone will talk about its material problems. The core material is generally the production standard of eucalyptus or pine.

Marine plywood uses and advantages

The sheet products here use completely pure wood as raw material, and the hardness is quite good, so the material is no problem, the price of marine plywood is increased, only the marine plywood can be protected from moisture, and at the same time it can be used in the ship, so that the furniture is not eroded by water and will not rot. Very sturdy.

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