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How to Choose Marine Plywood?

Ocean plywood is also called "waterproof plywood" or "ocean plywood". Plywood is inseparable from glue.

How to choose green marine plywood? With the improvement of environmental protection standards, the growth rate of marine plywood has also decreased, and the rise of raw materials has brought fluctuations to the profits of enterprises. Brand enterprises have increased their R&D efforts and enhanced their own characteristics. But the chaos of industry competition is hard to avoid. 

Environmental Requirements to Reduce the Growth Rate of Marine Plywood Production 

Ocean plywood is also called "waterproof plywood" or "ocean plywood". In other words, plywood is inseparable from glue. In the production and processing of offshore plywood, in addition to the bonding strength of super-strong adhesives, it must withstand decades of wind and rain. Even through dozens of boiling experiments, it is proved that water boils for 72 hours, acid and alkali resistance, no physical and chemical changes, no degumming, no separation! 


What is EO class marine plywood? How to know it is E0 marine plywood: 

First of all, of course, we have to look at the quality inspection report of the manufacturer, but generally only the plate-making factory will do this report, only those who enter the plate-making factory can see it, and the real users generally seldom see it. At present, very few furniture factories do not require customers to take the initiative to detect formaldehyde. 

Secondly, from the point of view of price analysis, E 0 grade board has high quality in terms of production equipment, production process and bonding quality. Improvements in adhesives alone have increased costs by about 300%. At present, the market price of E-0 products is about 300 yuan. And there are some factories that produce E0 grade boards in our country. Are there really some factories that produce E0 grade boards? Only a few fingers can be counted, whether using the afferent plate material. If you say the same price, say E0B says E1, it's certainly not E0. Because E0 is much higher than E1, not slightly higher, it doesn't matter whether E1 is profitable or not, but at least that's the case. Say E0. That's the price he can't sell. After all, don't use a penny.

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