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In which areas is marine plywood used?

In the hot summer, often accompanied by storms, outdoor furniture must use marine plywood to make outdoor furniture, ordinary rattan furniture is easy to deform, wrought iron furniture is easy to rust, marine furniture is susceptible to moisture corrosion, and panel furniture made of marine plywood There are no defects in these aspects. The marine plywood recommended here is a commonly used material for home decoration. It is a wood-based panel that can improve the utilization of wood.

Today's marine plywood can be used in yachts, shipbuilding, body manufacturing, high-end furniture, etc. The environmental performance has reached international environmental standards. In recent years, environmentally friendly marine plywood has been favored by consumers. In the cabinet industry, environmentally-friendly cabinets have gradually become consumers' purchases. First choice, however, according to market research, most of these cabinet products have doubts about the quality of environmental protection. If cabinet manufacturers want to take the road of sustainable environmental protection, they must close the environmental quality of marine glued panels in cabinets.

Many marine plywood manufacturers now offer green certificates when entering the marine plywood store. These marine plywood products have passed the tests of relevant departments and produced certified materials. According to relevant investigations, the certification bodies for these marine plywood products are one. In the trend of ensuring product quality and environmental protection, we will dare to break through and innovate high-performance plywood products, plywood manufacturers, and marine plywood, hotel marine plywood, marine plywood, fire-retardant plywood and special plywood.

In which areas is marine plywood used?

The plywood is stable and excellent in moisture resistance. It is made of European high-grade beech wood. It is a hard, hard, strong and wear-resistant new sheet product. It has high stability and is a high-quality decorative material. Uniform, clear and beautiful texture, soft and smooth color, can be used in outdoor environments.

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