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History of technical development of marine plywood

Marine plywood has been made for thousands of years; first appeared in the ancient kingdom of Egypt, made of wood, about 3500 degrees Celsius.

Glued from a serrated veneer.

This was initially caused by a lack of wood. High-quality lumber is glued to the substrate of low-quality wood for cosmetic effects.

Stripping off structural benefits, this way of inventing plywood has taken place.

History has replayed itself.

Britain's 18th Best Furniture manufacturer

In the nineteenth century (and later), finishing was used as a technique. In addition,

In order to maximize the use of the best quality materials, it reduces the price.

The stability of construction is improved. Effects of irregularity on grains

Decorative interest often leads to uncontrolled warping and cracking.

Trying to use wood is much thicker than that.

The characteristics of cabinet veneer (usually 1-2mm).

Modern wood plywood uses cork logs to cut off veneer on a rotary cutting machine.

Is a relatively new origin, invented by Nobel. The first such lathes

It was established in the United States in the middle of the nineteenth century. Plywood has always been one of them.

The most common building product for decades. One of the earliest people.

Application of modern plywood mass production in the United States

Portland Manufacturing Company records in Portland, Oregon.

Owner Thomas J. Autzen helps develop bonding technology.

The drying and production process is shortened. His early works.

Adhesives play an important role in plywood production.

Production of rich, affordable construction products. India waterproof

Plywood is also called cat. Although KIPLY is a brand, it has become a brand.

Because the company that made it use it first

Indian waterproof plywood.

The landscape historian John Steelgo (John Stilgoe) proved this in theory.

Standard sheets are the space needed to move a mule into a barn.

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